Electoral Candidates for Town Elections on Thursday 4 May 2023

Posted by Town Hall Staff 05 April 2023

The Polling Day for Local Elections is on Thursday 4th May 2023.

REMEMBER THAT YOU WILL NOW NEED TO BRING PHOTOGRAPHIC ID TO THE POLLING STATION TO BE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE. See details here as to the type of identification that is permitted: https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/i-am-a/voter/voter-id/accepted-forms-photo-id

Statements of Persons Nominated for election to Felixstowe Town Council have now been published. Candidates for each of the new wards can be seen via the links below:

East Ward (electing 3 Town Councillors): Fx East – Statement of Persons Nominated, Notice of Poll & Situation of Polling Stations

South Ward (electing 2 Town Councillors): Fx South – Statement of Persons Nominated

Port Ward (electing 5 Town Councillors): Fx Port – Statement of Persons Nominated

Central Ward (electing 3 Town Councillors): Fx Central – Statement of Persons Nominated

Walton Ward (electing 3 Town Councillors) is uncontested and the Satement of Persons Nominated can be see here: Fx Walton – Statement of Persons Nominated and Notice of Uncontested Election

Warding arrangements can be viewed on our Councillor page here: www.felixstowe.gov.uk/about-felixstowe-tc/wards/

Please note that the count for the Town Council will be held on Friday 5 May, at Riverside in Lowestoft.  

Statements of Persons Nominated for election to East Suffolk Council have also been published. Candidates for the two district wards can be seen via the links below:

Eastern Ward (electing 3 District Councillors): Eastern Felixstowe

Western Ward (electing 3 District Councillors): Western Felixstowe 

The Statement of Persons Nominated for election to Suffolk County Council has also been published for the Felixstowe Coastal Dividion byelection vacancy here: Felixstowe Coastal Division