Landguard Partnership

Posted by Town Hall Staff 20 April 2015

Landguard Peninsula is an area of land lying at the southern extremity of the town. It is bounded to the east by the North Sea, the harbour entrance to the South and the mouths of the Rivers Stour and Orwell to the West.

It is a unique environment which consists of several different areas of interest including:

  • Landguard Fort
  • Felixstowe Museum
  • Landguard Nature Reserve
  • Landguard Bird Observatory
  • The John Bradfield Viewing Area
  • Landguard Visitor Centre (View Point Cafe) and Ferry.

The Landguard Partnership aims to ensure that the Landguard Peninsula at Felixstowe in Suffolk is managed in a sustainable manner, contributing to the nationally important environmental conservation, cultural heritage, educational resources and economic prosperity of the area and adding to the quality of life and enjoyment of the local community and visitors.

The Landguard Partnership consists of Felixstowe Town Council and eight other organisations who have either a vested interest in the peninsula or are concerned about conserving and protecting this valuable resource.

The Partnership was formed in 2009 to ensure that the future developments envisioned for Landguard are delivered within a well thought out and structured Strategy – agreed to and endorsed by all the partners. A Management Plan has also been written which covers the SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and LNR (Local Nature Reserve). Hard copies of each document are available upon request, please email us at

The Landguard Partnership Annual Report 2013/14 provides information on the work undertaken.

The Partnership currently employs:

Paul Grant as the Landguard Project Officer

Stephen Rampley as the Landguard Marketing and Events Co-ordinator

Chris Ryde as the Landguard Ranger

and has jointly funded the post (with the Landguard Fort Trust) of Nicola Wilkinson as the Landguard Fort Operations Manager