Community Emergency Plan

The Town Council’s Community Emergency Plan (CEP) can be found here

The CEP helps Felixstowe prepare for an emergency and reduce its impact.  It has been put together with guidance from the District Council’s Emergency Planning Officer and Town Council’s CEP Working Group, who took a practical approach to developing a CEP that could effectively support the community in the event of an emergency in Felixstowe. The plan takes a strategic approach, supporting the coordination of information and local resources that may be useful in an emergency situation; whilst acknowledging that an emergency of any significant scale would elicit a wider response from the emergency services and other agencies.

It has been prepared with the help from many local community groups and organisations.  Felixstowe Town Council will take the lead in overseeing the Plan’s use in an emergency so anyone in the community can get involved

The CEP is the focus of the community’s actions to become better prepared and details the steps the community will take before, during and after an emergency incident.  The Plan helps Council to identify:

  • What resources we have in the community, such as 4×4 vehicles, people with useful skills and local knowledge.
  • Where to go to if there is an immediate need to evacuate and take shelter;
  • How to mobilise those resources and who to contact.

If your organisation is located in Felixstowe and has a resource that would be useful in an event of an emergency, please do not hesitate to contact for further information.

The published CEP is a version especially for public view, as some of the information – such as contact details for volunteers and local resources – has been redacted and will remain confidential.

The overall aim of the CEP is, where possible, to help reduce the risk of harm to persons and damage to property within the community.   The CEP has been produced with some specific emergency incidents in mind, such as; flooding, snow or fire but is also designed for any general emergency in Felixstowe.

Other information which may be helpful to the community in an emergency situation will also be published and promoted via the Council’s website, social media accounts and/or held in hard copy at the Town Hall.


To report flooding issues, visit the Suffolk County Council website here  

Reporting also helps the County Council prioritise and plan resources for where they are most needed.

To report an issue with the Flood Gates please contact the 24 hour Environment Agency floodline on 0345 988 1188.

UK Power Networks

UKPN have launched a new emergency pack for vulnerable customers.  Individuals can sign up at email or call 0800 169 9970 to receive an emergency pack specific to their needs in case of a power failure.