Peewit HillFelixstowe Town Council owns a small area of woodland off Peewit Hill amounting to 0.2 ha (0.54 acre) shown in the right of the photo. It lies between Dock Gate 1 roundabout near the Mcdonald’s and the housing on Dovedale and Coronation Drive on the higher land behind.

The site acts as a green buffer between the commercial operations of the Port and the residential properties, a haven for the local flora and fauna. There is an open culvert and footpath at the bottom of the hill which subsequently runs alongside Peewit Caravan Park and rises near the Railway Bridge at the southern end of Coronation Drive. It is a popular route for walkers and cyclists connecting two distinctly different areas of the town.

The footpath link is maintained by Suffolk County Council.

For more information about Peewit Hill please contact the Town Council.