Felixstowe Town Council is a statutory consultee for any planning applications submitted within its parish boundary or within the wider area which may have an effect upon the town or its inhabitants. Suffolk Coastal District Council is the local Planning Authority and makes the final decision.

The Council’s Planning & Environment Committee sits fortnightly to consider its comments on applications. To find out more about the Planning & Environment Committee click here.

Planning applications that are to be considered by the Planning & Environment Committee are shown in the Agendas for the forthcoming meetings and comments made by the Committee on applications which it has considered are recorded in the corresponding Minutes for that meeting and are formally submitted to Suffolk Coastal District Council. If you are interested in a particular planning application, you can search our records to find out what the Town Council had to say.

For full information on the planning process or to search and view application documents online please visit the East Suffolk  Council planning portal here.

Following the link to read more about the Planning Process