Reporting of Anti-Social Behaviour

Posted by Town Hall Staff 15 April 2021

Whilst East Suffolk is a very safe place to live, unfortunately there are a minority of people whose behaviour is anti-social, so we want to work with your community to identify and tackle Anti-Social Behaviour.

Through partnership work between the Police, District Council and representatives from Parish Councils, it has been identified that there appears to be an under reporting of ASB issues. Whatever the reason for this, the lack of information received about incidents restricts the ability of District Councils and Police to take action. 

Further advice from Suffolk Police can be found at their First Principle page on their website where guidance on a variety of related issues can be found.

If you have any questions about anti-social behaviour, reporting or anything stated on the materials please do not hesitate to East Suffolk Council. 

How to report Anti-SocialBehaviour:
Telephone: Suffolk Police on: 101
or in an Emergency: 999