Remembering Councillor David Underwood

Posted by Town Hall Staff 01 September 2023

Council is deeply saddened by the death of Cllr David Underwood, who passed away on 17 August 2023 following a short illness.

Cllr Underwood served as a Felixstowe Town Councillor in the South Ward after he was successfully elected in  the 2023 May Elections.

Cllr Seamus Bennett, Mayor of Felixstowe, said: 

David was an exceptional person – a man of great integrity and wisdom who had really immersed himself into the community since moving to Felixstowe with his beloved wife Wendy in 2020 – he had, for example, become a greatly valued and effective governor of Langer Primary Academy, his neighbourhood school. David and Wendy previously lived in Godmanchester(near Huntingdon) where David had been a Councillor, as well as Mayor. When he moved to Felixstowe he set about using this experience to work for and represent his local community, especially the Langer / Sea Road area.

In the May 2023 local elections he campaigned harder than anyone I know, going door-to-door to get to know and listen to residents’ concerns. His hard was rewarded with a seat on Felixstowe Town Council, representing South Ward. In his two months as a member of the town council he gained wide respect for his understanding of the issues, his passion and his integrity. His attendance was exemplary until he became unwell, despite the challenge of being increasingly seriously visually impaired. He put himself forward to sit on several outside bodies, including Felixstowe Travel Watch, to advocate for the those with visual and other impairments.

There was much more good David wanted and had the ideas and energy to do – his passing is a loss to us all, most especially Wendy and their family, including two young grandchildren, to whom I extend sincere condolences“.