PRECEPT SURVEY:  PCC proposes precept investment to improve 101 call answering

Posted by Town Hall Staff 06 January 2022

PCC proposes precept investment to improve 101 call answering

The Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner is requesting public feedback on the use of council tax on policing matters for the next financial year.

Tim Passmore, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner, says:

“As your Police and Crime Commissioner, setting the budget is one of my most important responsibilities. I must ensure that the Chief Constable has the resources he needs to provide an efficient and effective service.

Later this month I will need to make a decision about the policing element of the council tax precept. I am planning to ask the Police and Crime Panel to support my proposal to raise the policing element of the precept by £10 a year (for a Band D property) which will fund major improvements to the contact and control service.

In all my public engagement, including the recent consultation on my new Police and Crime Plan, the one thing that comes through loud and clear is the public’s dissatisfaction with the 101 service. It is absolutely crucial I address these concerns.”

To those who wish to provide their feedback, the survey is linked below. Please forward the survey to others within your community and anyone else you think may be interested to comment.

To partake in the survey, click here.

To visit the website for more details, click here.

The survey closes at 9am on Thursday 27th January 2022.