PCC Asks For Your View On His Precept Proposals

Posted by Town Hall Staff 14 January 2020

Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore has confirmed that he is proposing to raise the policing element of the council tax and wants to hear the public’s views.

The recent general election has delayed the Home Office funding announcement so the PCC is assuming an increase of 4% to the policing precept, which will potentially raise a Band D bill by 70p a month.

The PCC is asking whether the public supports his proposals and explains why the increase is necessary.


Tim Passmore said, “Since becoming PCC in 2012, each year I have had to make difficult decisions about the policing budget and how much I will ask you, as a Suffolk taxpayer, to pay towards the policing element of your council tax.

“Unfortunately, the timing of the recent General Election has meant that the normal cycle of funding announcements from central government was delayed. This leaves both myself and the Chief Constable in the difficult position of currently not knowing how much central funding we will receive, or what limits might be imposed on any increase in the policing element of council tax.

“This makes it very difficult to consult on a specific budget proposal, so I’m basing this year’s survey on an assumption of a 4% precept increase which is an additional 70p a month for a Band D property.”

This additional resource from a precept increase will allow the Chief Constable to improve the standards of police investigations to bring more offenders to justice and enhance Suffolk Constabulary’s capacity and capability regarding pro-active policing to tackle serious and organised crime, county lines and knife crime. A new commercial vehicle unit will make Suffolk’s roads safer and free flowing and additional officers and staff will enhance the Constabulary’s ability to prevent crime happening in the first place. More detail on the proposed areas of investment is available here.

If Government limits the precept increase to 3% (53p a month for Band D), these plans will have to be adapted accordingly. Details will be updated on the PCC website as they become available www.suffolk-pcc.gov.uk.

The PCC will present his proposal to increase the policing element of the council tax to the Police and Crime Panel on January 31st for their approval. The papers for this meeting will be published five days before on Suffolk County Council’s website, www.suffolk.gov.uk.

To find out what this could mean to households across all of the council tax bands please click here.