November Covid 19 Bulletin to all Felixstowe Residents

Posted by Town Hall Staff 04 November 2020

With so much information being shared on Covid19 please refer to for official guidance. The NHS website has the latest health advice here:

The community response in Felixstowe and across Suffolk has been remarkable and demonstrates the breadth of support available to those that need it at this time.  However, we understand that there will be many in our community who do not have access to information online. Some may have had limited contact and be unsure of who to turn to. To reach out to everybody, let them know they are not forgotten and signpost the support that is out there, we have printed a second information bulletin which will be delivered to all IP11 households shortly.

The bulletin is being printed locally, will be delivered in phases in accordance with local delivery patterns, and at the same time as other publications wherever possible. Delivery staff are carrying this out in accordance with Public Health England advice. Thanks to Jon Trotter and the team at the Flyerpress.

Click the image below to read the bulletin: