Keeping Felixstowe clean in the Summer

Posted by Town Hall Staff 05 August 2019

We have received the following update from Suffolk Coastal Norse, which may be of interest to you.

  • Additional street cleansing resource (and toilet cleaners) have been employed in Felixstowe for the summer season.
  • Collections of bins is taking place daily/7 days a week, with additional collections later in the day at strategic locations by street cleansing staff working throughout the day.
  • Additional Pest control measures have been in place for the past 12 weeks along sea road gardens, with inspection’s/checks of bait boxes and traps twice per week. Fortunately (along with the new signage reminding visitors not to litter/throw food waste on the ground) there has been no activity found in the past 3 months. Which is also credit to the street cleaning teams efforts to keep Felixstowe town and sea front litter free.
  • Additional wheeled bins are deployed for the summer season, with further additional capacity around the pier and leisure centre plaza being delivered this week for the school holidays and carnival.
  • Mechanical sweeping of the whole Promenade has already taken place again this week, and will be done periodically as required until late September.
  • With the exceptionally hot weather evening collections at specific locations also take place.
  • Lastly, to mention that working in conjunction with the organisers, Norse will have a team of staff out all Saturday following the Carnival procession and doing their usual clean up as soon as the carnival has passed through the town.

At the Town Hall, we regularly receive comments from visitors to the Town on the cleanliness of the town and seafront, and would like to thank SCNorse staff for their hard work in the town.