Information on Grit bins and gritting roads

Posted by Town Hall Staff 28 February 2018

Due to the recent weather conditions, here is some advice from Suffolk County Council:

Grit heaps and bins are generally placed in locations such as the bottom of hills, junctions on minor roads which are on lower priority routes for gritting.  The grit from these heaps and bins must only be used on the public highway.

Requests for heaps/bins are only accepted from a County Councillor, or Town Council.  The location of the grit heaps/bins must be agreed by Suffolk County Council.  Suffolk County Council (SCC) do not purchase the bins they must be funded by the County Councillor, or Town/Parish Council.  Bins cost approximately between £150 and £450 dependant on the type.

Report an empty grit bin

Grit bins are replenished at the start of the gritting season (usually mid-October).  It can take 2 weeks from the date of request because it is normally done when SCC are in the area on other work.

You can report an empty grit bin quickly and easily online using SCC’s Highways Reporting Tool.

Salt will be supplied and replenished by Suffolk County Council for free.

Suffolk County Council can insure named volunteers for spreading grit or clearing snow providing the Town Council maintains a list of these volunteers.  Please contact if you wish to volunteer to spread grit or clear snow in an area near you.

Which roads are gritted?

Suffolk Highways is responsible for the delivery of these services in Suffolk except for trunk roads, which are the responsibility of Highways England

If you wish to see which roads are gritted and kept free from snow and ice by Suffolk Highways and how to keep up to date on Twitter in severe weather, Follow @suff_highways on Twitter for regular updates d (You don’t need an Twitter account).

You can also check here on Suffolk County Council’s website.

Requesting gritting or salting on roads

Gritting or salting on roads in Suffolk can be reported quickly and easily online.   SCC’s  Highways Reporting Tool allows you to report gritting and monitor the status of existing requests. 

Do not request gritting online if:

Requesting a gritting or salting takes about 2 minutes. 

By using the Highways Reporting Tool, you’re agreeing to SCC’s terms of use.

You can begin by clicking the Start button, or read the instructions below for further guidance.