Help shape the Town Council’s Business Plan 2020-2024

Posted by Town Hall Staff 13 September 2019

Whilst large local authorities such as East Suffolk Council and Suffolk County Council have broad-ranging regulatory and statutory responsibilities across the region, Felixstowe Town Council is able to focus its efforts on projects which specifically benefit the local community of Felixstowe.

However, as a small organisation with fewer than 10 full-time equivalent staff the Town Council has limited resources. Our aim is to maximise what we can achieve for the town and we know there will always be more that can be done. To help us, we are welcoming your feedback on several areas the Town Council considers as priorities for its forthcoming Business Plan for the years 2020-2024.

As such, we are seeking your thoughts in keeping with our recent Climate Emergency declaration and the themes of ‘Community’, ‘Open Spaces’ and ‘The Town Centre’ explored at the Felixstowe Horizons event at the Orwell Hotel on 18 June 2019. Please consider the following and let us know your thoughts via email to:

Alternatively, you can provide your feedback via ouronline survey:

1. The Town Council seeks to become carbon-neutral by 2030. 
What practical steps could we be taking in the next 4 years and what can we do to support others in Felixstowe to reduce their environmental impact?

2. The Town Council provides financial support to dozens of local organisations each year through our occasional and annual grants scheme. 
What do you believe are the priorities for the community over the next 4+ years and in what ways do you expect your Town Council to identify and address these needs?

3. How can community facilities and open spaces such as the seafront, prom and gardens, our town centre, woodland, parks and play areas be better used to promote Felixstowe and improve wellbeing? 
Should the Town Council consider opportunities for asset transfers from East Suffolk / Suffolk County councils to preserve community facilities even if this increases our costs? 
If so, which in particular?

4. The Town Council receives no income from business rates but recognises the importance of a vibrant town centre. Town Council initiatives such as Felixstowe in Flower, the Christmas Ice Rink and our funding of the Christmas Lights help bring life and colour and we also support the concept of local businesses formalising their own priorities for the town. 
What is your vision for a thriving Felixstowe town centre and what role should the Town Council play?

5. Please share any other positive Felixstowe-related ideas you think we should consider.

We look forward to receiving your feedback, plus any other positive ideas you may have for Felixstowe by 31 October.