14 New Planters and Birch Trees Installed in the Town Centre

Posted by Town Hall Staff 19 May 2022

14 birch trees are being installed in the town centre from today as part of Felixstowe’s Jubilee tree planting initiative.  


To support the Queen’s Green Canopy scheme, Felixstowe Town Council has partnered with Felixstowe BID to replace the old metal planters in the Shared Space with new, wooden planters. Though well-loved, the old planters had become dented and rusted over the years. The Town Council’s Civic & Community Committee considered several options and materials for the replacement planters. Wood, sourced and manufactured by a local timber merchant, was eventually chosen by councillors, as a sustainable material, giving a natural appearance that is easy to maintain and repair.   


The birch trees mark a step change from the previous planting scheme, but are in keeping with the original design for the Shared Space concept. The Town Council was pleased to work with the Felixstowe BID in delivering this project, which has enabled the scheme to be extended further along Hamilton Road, beyond the Shared Space area. This will result in a total of 14 planters being installed across the town centre in place of the original seven.

Planting commenced today, 19 May, and is due to be completed in time for the town to join the official Jubilee weekend celebrations from 2 – 5 June.


The trees, which were sourced via a local horticultural specialist, were carefully chosen for their resilience and suitability for container growing. The size of the planters will allow the trees to live a long and healthy life and help ensure that they do not grow to an inappropriate size for this setting.

Cllr Steve Wiles, Chairman of the Town Council’s Civic & Community Committee said: “Our town centre will now be an even more welcoming place to sit and enjoy great days by the sea”.

The Mayor of Felixstowe, Cllr Sharon Harkin, said: “One birch tree alone can be a showstopper so 14 planted along our high-street will look amazing! A fitting tribute for the Queen’s Jubilee and a green legacy for our town centre”. 

 “Felixstowe BID is committed to improving the appearance of the whole town and to make it a pleasant environment for shoppers, residents and visitors alike,”  said Jessie Fotherby, Chair of the BID. “These beautiful trees will create our own canopy in celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee, and we are delighted to work alongside the Town Council to deliver this wonderful project which will benefit the town now and for years to come”.

Once the trees are all in place, they will be regularly watered and maintained by the Town Council.