Temprary Closure of Footpath 61 from Ferry Road

Posted by Town Hall Staff 18 August 2016

Suffolk County Council intends to make an order closing Footpath 61, Felixstowe from Ferry Road at Millennium Green going west to the junction of the footpath going north along the River Deben in the interests of public safety as works are done to the existing river wall to strengthen the bank.

Other coordinated works may also take place during this period.

The contractors will be providing an alternative route running parallel with the works.

It is intended that the closure will operate from 29/08/2016 – 21/11/2016, but if necessary the order may remain in force for 6 months (or longer if extended by the Minister).

Enquiries should be made to Ben Parmenter of JacksonHyder. Tel: 07702 212950.
Email: bparmenter@jackson-civils.co.uk

Date: 18/08/2016.

Please see map on link below:

2016-07-26 MAIN Map