Skate park vandalism

Posted by Town Hall Staff 22 November 2016

The lighting system at Felixstowe’s skate park on Orwell Green has been vandalised leaving the site unsafe to use in the evenings.

The skate park is maintained by Suffolk Coastal Norse who has assessed the damage.

The electricity supply has now been isolated, meaning that the site is safe for users during daylight hours. However, the extent of the damage means that the lighting system for the whole site will need to be replaced.

Cllr Steve Gallant, Cabinet Member for Community Health and Suffolk Coastal Community Safety Partnership Chair, said: “This is now becoming an issue every year at the skate park.

“It’s sad to see that this is happening time and time again, making the popular site inaccessible and unsafe in the darker evenings.

“The work to repair the skate park will unfortunately mean that the whole site will have to be closed in the future to make the necessary repairs.

“I want to appeal to the majority of responsible users of the skate park to look after this space and make us aware of issues before they become a problem.”

Anyone witnessing vandalism on this, or any other site, should report it to the police.

You should dial 999 when life is threatened or people are injured or there is a crime in progress and an immediate Police response is necessary.

Call 101 or contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team if the offence has happened and the offender is no longer present.

Information about people who commit crime or anti-social behaviour can be reported to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 (you do not have to give your name and address if you do not want to and calls are free)

More information on reporting anti-social behaviour can be found online here.