Notification of temporary traffic order – Trinity Avenue

Posted by Town Hall Staff 09 December 2015

 Road closure

A154 Trinity Avenue, Felixstowe – From 45 metres west of the A14 overbridge to 60 metres east of the A14 overbridge

Reason for closure

Carriageway repairs and associated works

Date and time of closure                         

17/01/2016 to 20/01/2016 (19.00 – 05.00 hours)

Alternative route

Cavendish Park Road, Grange Farm Avenue, Grange Road, Maidstone Road, High Street, High Road West, Garrison Lane, Grove Road, Candlet Road, A14, Walton Avenue, Trinity Avenue and no vice versa

Enquiries regarding this order should be made to the following:- 

David Keeble, 0345 606 6171,

Code: ET06004-CAPEX-E77-ETC-S 09.12.15