Met Office issues Yellow Weather warning

Posted by Town Hall Staff 19 October 2017

The Met Office have issued the following outlook for wind over this weekend:

No sooner have the very strong winds associated with ex-hurricane Ophelia affecting north and west parts of the UK blown away, we have a rather benign and mild day or two before a strong wind of our own (albeit of relatively much lower strength) arrives in the East of England on Saturday morning.

On current timings an area of low pressure is expected to move eastwards off the Atlantic later on Friday, track to the north of the East of England on Saturday before heading off into the North Sea on Sunday morning. To highlight the risk of impacts, the Met Office has issued a YELLOW Wind warning for parts of the East of England which brings a Medium Likelihood of Low Impacts. The warning is valid between 0400 and 2359 on Saturday.

For the East of England the strong south-westerly wind will strengthen steadily on Saturday producing gusts in the region of 50 mph from late morning onwards both at the coast and a good way inland before easing over Saturday night. Some patchy rain will accompany the wind but we are not expecting any significant accumulations.

Flying debris such as broken branches, leaves, tiles, empty wheelie bins in transit may be worth watching out for if on foot. Strewn debris and perhaps the odd tree blown down may affect some roads. Hence, coupled with the gusty nature of the wind, travelling may be hindered and somewhat of a challenge at times. It may be a good time to think about putting away garden furniture etc just in case it has the potential to disappear on the wind.

The Flood Guidance statement remains green for the whole of the East of England both inland and at the coast.

Well inland, although not thought strong enough to be covered by the warning, it will be breezy.

On Sunday morning as the wind moderates, there will be a scattering of short-lived showers followed by a pleasant and much calmer end to the day.

The track and timings may change as new information materialises and we will update and inform you regularly.

Additional information can be found on the Met Office App or Met Office website.