Met Office issues Yellow Warning of Snow and Ice 29-30 November 2017

Posted by Town Hall Staff 29 November 2017

The cold weather that we were expecting this week has duly arrived, with a few showers – mostly rain, with some sleet or hail mixed in at times. During the next 48 hours, we’ll see the showers continuing to feed in from the North Sea, turning progressively to hail, sleet or snow. The showery nature of the precipitation means that some places will see a slight covering, while others don’t. It’s unlikely that we’ll see much in the way of any accumulating snow until tomorrow, so for now, it’s more a case of the wintry showers making the ground wet and creating an ice risk as we go into the coming night. There’s a greater risk of seeing a light covering of snow in places tomorrow and into tomorrow night.

A Yellow Warning Of Snow And Ice has been issued (medium likelihood, low impact), valid from 18:00 today to 11:00 tomorrow which covers eastern parts of our region (not Bedfordshire).   A further warning for snow showers later tomorrow is likely to be issued in due course.

It’s not until Friday afternoon that the showers eventually die away, as somewhat less cold air begins to edge in from the west. We’re not expecting any weather problems over the weekend, with temperatures back to normal. There are signs that the cold weather may return again next week, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on that.

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