Improvements to seaside waste collections promised

Posted by Town Hall Staff 27 August 2015

Subsequent to a recent failure to seafront waste collection, the Town Council has received the following assurances from Suffolk Coastal Norse that the service will improve:

Dear Felixstowe Resident,

Suffolk Coastal Norse provides a variety of services on behalf of Suffolk Coastal District Council, including waste collection. I have been made aware that,  over the busy weekend of the 22nd/23rd August, we did not offer our usual high quality of service and the bins were not emptied.

This meant that bins were left overflowing along the sea front and in other parts of the town during what was a highly successful weekend for Felixstowe, when a large number of people visiting the town. I have looked into what went wrong and discovered our normal planning, back-up and recovery systems did not work on this occasion. I recognise this is totally unacceptable and can only apologise to the people of Felixstowe.

We have made changes to make sure this is not repeated in the future and I am also using this as an opportunity to review the services Suffolk Coastal Norse provides within the resort to see if we can make further improvements to our service.

It is clear that Felixstowe is seeing a consistent growth in tourism. While this is a great success story for Felixstowe economically, we need to make sure that we keep pace and respond to the increasing demand by providing the level of service you need to support this growth.

Please accept my personal apologies for the recent lapse in our service and be assured we will continue to work to provide the best possible services to Felixstowe.

Yours Sincerely,

Mark Emms

Director (Suffolk Coastal Norse)