Felixstowe & District Council for Sport & Recreation

Posted by Town Hall Staff 09 July 2015

Felixstowe and District Council for Sport and Recreation dates back to 1963 and are the voice for sport, recreation and play in Felixstowe and district. Their Executive Committee is selected annually and meets five times a year working to implement the council’s aims. The committee includes Councillors from Felixstowe Town Council and Trimley St Mary Parish Council as well as a cross section of members from local clubs including, at present, cricket, rugby union. hockey, swimming and soccer together with other members elected for their enthusiasm to advance sport, recreation and play in Felixstowe and District.

As well as attending meetings, members consider reports to Council and make recommendations such as the use of S106 funds for sport provision, leading to Town Council recommending money for Football, Rugby, Hockey and Cricket Clubs.

For further information visit the website for Felixstowe & District Council for Sport & Recreation here.

Cllr Darren Aitchison and Cllr Seamus Bennett are the Town Council’s representative to the Felixstowe & District Council for Sport & Recreation.