Felixstowe Dementia Action Alliance

Posted by Town Hall Staff 07 November 2016

Felixstowe Town Council is a Dementia Friendly organisation and as a Dementia Action Alliance Member, has created an Action Plan.  Town Council Staff and Members have attended Dementia Awareness Training and are committed to supporting the DAA as Dementia Friends.

Felixstowe Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) steering group was set up in June 2015.  It comprises local councillors, nurses, Alzheimer’s Society staff , Sue Ryder café managers and local community leaders.

Aims and objectives

The Felixstowe Dementia Action Alliance  aims to make Felixstowe a Dementia Friendly Community.

Felixstowe DAA will do this by engaging with local businesses and organisations to raise awareness of dementia. liaising with people with dementia and their carers to deliver person centred outcomes  in a timely fashion

Training and Awareness – Understanding of dementia and effects on the person and family carers

The Felixstowe DAA  aim to create Dementia Friends Champions that are able  to deliver Dementia Friends awareness sessions to people of Felixstowe community, and liaise with local community groups to locate rooms for delivery of information sessions.

Business Engagement – Felixstowe DAA aims to engage with local businesses to encourage them to sign up to become Dementia Friendly by helping them to develop an Action Plan for their business

 Activity Planning – The Felixstowe DAA aims to engage people living with dementia or caring for  those with dementia in inclusive activities throughout the community

PR and Marketing – The Felixstowe Dementia Action Alliance aims to engage with local media and community organisations to promote awareness of the DAA and activities.  The Alliance will write press releases and participate in radio and TV interviews as needed to communicate the aims and objectives of FDAA.

The Felixstowe Dementia Action Alliance aim to promote awareness of Felixstowe ‘s Dementia Friendly community  by creating a website  that will sign post Dementia Friendly businesses, in Felixstowe  including retail, places to eat out, health and wellbeing activities, social and health care.