Pushchair Pitstop

Pushchair Pitstop was born with one simple vision in mind – helping the local community. There is no criteria to use our service, and everyone is welcome with no judgements or questions asked.

What began with just a few boxes of baby clothes, very quickly flourished into the successful little charity it is today post pandemic – with no other like us!

Not only do we house baby clothes… but we also stock items such as buggies, nappies, milk, toys, books, games, blankets, shoes and electricals, our clothing size ranges from maternity to adults and new this year is our Pitstop Pantry (free food for all)!
We also hold several free events throughout the year including our annual Summer and Christmas parties.

In the last 12 months Pushchair Pitstop has gone from strength to strength… and will continue to do so with HUGE thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers, and of course every single person that donates to us.  

Our current opening times are Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 9am-12pm and alternate weekend days 10am-2pm. Please see our Facebook page for more information.



Boost Felixstowe

Boost Felixstowe was launched in August 2000 by a number of churches, seeking to support young people in and around Felixstowe live ‘life to the full’. Since 2014, Boost has ‘pioneered partnerships between faith and education’, running a successful school chaplaincy partnership with Felixstowe School.

Boost provides safe spaces, clubs and pastoral support to hundreds of young people each year, especially through difficult circumstances, such as bereavements. Our chaplain is present in the high school every day, and available for all students and staff unconditionally- whether it’s for regular support or intervention, or a one-off conversation.

Chaplaincy is designed to support the whole community through all the ups and downs, and we’re encouraged that more schools are interested in introducing chaplaincy to support their students and staff.

This service is funded by Boost, independently of the school, with fantastic feedback from staff and students alike.


Felixstowe Coast Patrol and Rescue.

We are an independent lifeboat charity that was formed in 1997, based in Felixstowe Suffolk and we are a founding member of the National Independent Lifeboat Association (NILA)

Our crews patrol during weekends and bank holidays between April and November each year.

We operate ‘Last Orders’. An ocean going Humber RIB fitted with Suzuki outboard engines and all of the required navigation and safety equipment.

We deal with marine safety incidents either as we come across them or when we are tasked to them by other agencies. We work closely with HM Coastguard, Felixstowe NCI and the RNLI, albeit we are completely independent and funded by donations. Our volunteers regularly attend first aid incidents, missing persons, broken down vessels and swimmers in distress.

When not on operational deployments, our crews also visit local schools and other groups to promote sea safety and responsible use of the water.







NCI Felixstowe

The National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) is a voluntary organisation set up in 1994 to restore visual watch along UK shores after many small Coastguard stations had been closed.

NCI stations have been set up along the coast from Rossall Point in the North-West, through Wales, to Mablethorpe in the North-East.

NCI has full charity status and is totally funded by donations.

NCI Felixstowe has over 60 highly trained volunteers who man the lookout in twos or threes helping to keep our beaches and inshore waters safe.

Visit https://coastwatch-felixstowe.co.uk/ to read more.