Ash Tadjrishi – Town Clerk and Responsible Financial OfficerTown Hall Staff   20 Apr 2015

Ash joined the Town Council in July 2014 and holds the Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA) and a Masters degree in Public Administration (MPA). He is employed full time and oversees the administration of the Town Council as the Town Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer (RFO).

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Debbie Frost – Deputy Town ClerkTown Hall Staff   20 Apr 2015

Debbie joined the Town Council in March 2012 and holds the Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA). Debbie works full time Mon-Fri as the Deputy Town Clerk and also looks after the administration of the Council’s finances.

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Sue Faversham – Civic Events OfficerTown Hall Staff   20 Apr 2015

Sue joined the Town Council in May 2010 and is responsible for supporting the Mayor and the Council with its events. Sue is the Council’s Weddings coordinator and also manages Felixstowe in Flower. Sue works Tuesday-Friday.

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Sarah Morrison – Planning Administration AssistantTown Hall Staff   20 Apr 2015

Sarah joined the Town Council in December 2014.   Sarah supports the Town Council’s Planning & Environment Committee and provides general administrative support to the Town Council.  Sarah also oversees the booking of the Town Hall and Walton Community Hall.  Sarah works Monday-Thursday.

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Elaine Wiggins – Cemetery SupervisorTown Hall Staff   20 Apr 2015

Elaine joined the Town Council in 1998 and looks after Felixstowe Cemetery as well as other outside areas under the Council’s responsibility, such as the Allotments. Elaine works Monday-Friday and is supported by a skilled Grounds Maintenance team of Thomas Minns, Roy Proctor and Roger Newson.

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Shaun Congi – Financial Administration AssistantTown Hall Staff   16 Jul 2018

Shaun joined the team as a Customer Service apprentice in July 2018, helping to resolve all manner of enquires and supporting the team at the Town Hall. After completing his apprenticeship, Shaun was appointed as the Council’s Financial Administration Assistant in July 2020.

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Holly Miles – Communications ApprenticeTown Hall Staff   05 Nov 2021

Holly joined the Town Council in August 2021 on a two-year apprenticeship and supports the Council’s communications.

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Janine Smith – Administration AssistantTown Hall Staff   05 Nov 2021

Janine joined the Town Council in August 2021 and supports the administration of the Cemetery and the Allotments.

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Ross Turner – CaretakerTown Hall Staff   21 Dec 2016

Ross is the Town Council’s full-time Caretaker, looking after the cleaning and maintenance of the Town Hall, Broadway House and Walton Community Hall.

Rob Brundell- Grounds Maintenance ApprenticeTown Hall Staff   30 Jul 2021

Rob joined the Town Council as an apprentice in July 2021 and supports the rest of the grounds team.